Jan 27, 2010

Net Worth for 1/27/10

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Here’s a list of links for tips, freebies, resources. Don’t waste your time online. Get the good stuff, Get your net worth.

Simple Tax Strategies to Maximize Your Tax Refund

Pampers Free Potty Training Kit

Benefits of joining a Credit Union instead of a Bank

How to get Bread and Baked Goods for Super Cheap

Jan 11, 2010

Net Worth for 1/11/10

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Here’s a list of links for tips, freebies, resources.  Don’t waste your time online.  Get the good stuff, Get your net worth.

Watch FreeDocumentaries.org

Why do documentary film makers allow their films to be streamed for free on the internet?
Many documentary film makers realize that having their films streamed on the internet for free will not only educate people on their perspective but will also encourage people to purchase the DVD.

Save 20%-100% on Textbooks!

The Best Times to Buy ANYTHING All Year Round - From in season food to buying a home

Revive Our Hearts - Listen to Christian radio broadcasts for women on scripture, lifestyle, godliness and more

Jan 6, 2010

Saving by Online Swapping

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This is a great way to save some money.  You can get items that would normally cost you $15, $20, maybe even $50 for the cost of shipping (usually less than $10).  So below are some places to check out.  If I find more I’ll update this entry.  Also please leave comments if you know something about these sites or have some others.  (I’ve found many of these links via this article):







Specifically want clothing sites?  Go here for a list of links:


Offline ways to swap clothes:


Textbook swaps:


Advanced Swapper?

Join http://swap-bot.com Here you can join specific swaps or host your own (ex: you have a lot of pink purses but looking for new styles or a specific type, so host a Pink Purse swap)

Find more swapping sites here:


Hopefully you’ll start swapping soon and not have to buy as many items.  Start banking that extra money!  Happy Swapping.


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